MnRank Masternodes monitoring tool

This feature currenty in BETA stage

Known issue: Miscrosoft mail systems like Hotmail,MSN,Live could receive mails with delay, or not receive at all. We are working to fix it.

How monitoring works:
1. You add your MN server by IP address or wallet address *
2. We check every half an hour that your server IP or wallet is in masternode list and active
3. If your server IP or wallet is not found (active) we send you email 3 times every half an hour

* - Due internall coin arcitecture for Interzone, CoinonatX, Memetic and ChainCoin only IP could be used as address.
** - At the time of adding your server IP address or wallet address should be active and recognized as MN for selected coin.

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Check/change your subscription

By submitting this request you will receive email with list of your active MN monitoring subscriptions and link to unsubscribe yourself for selected node.