MnRank Escrow Service

New! We are now offering escrow service for secure transaction of funds between two parties.

Our fee is: 1% (min. 0.01 BTC)

Important: for BTC operation we are using only this address: 1AB3r8qSLS1615aDv4M5bhYRqJiZqnDr2Q
Double check address before sending your money.

How to request escrow:

1. Contact through telegram or bitcointalk.
BitcoinTalk: Personal Message to MNRank
Telegram: Personal Message to Vasya or Artem Panin or Anton.

2. Include details such as who the buyer is, who the seller is, who will bear the 1% escrow fee, what is being traded, etc.

3. If we are available, we usually get back to you within a few minutes